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The "Tall" Jogger

Designed & Created for Tall Guys

Rise of Big & Tall Jogger Pants

The Jogger Pants & Its History in Brief

It would seem that the jogger pants trend came into fashion in the early years of this past decade (2011-2020) reaching its peak in late 2014 per Google. History says sweatpants“ precursor to jogger pants” was introduced in the 1920s by Émile Camuset, the founder of the Le Coq Sportif sports equipment company, with his vision of incorporating a line of clothing which incorporated cotton ribs, brushed fleece and jersey. In the 80s, Adidas and the hip-hop scene made the sweatpants trend popular (similar to the tall tee fashion trend in the 90s) with its popularity increasing even more with college students as a staple college campus style. The creative desire to add to men's fashion almost likely led to the creation of jogger pants (sweatpants that are cinched at the leg opening). There is no direct proof of who created jogger pants, but the Publish Brand is staking the claim that it coined the term of its creation in 2009. With the up the uptick in sales and usage over jeans and other pants styles in recent years, it’s safe to say that the jogger pants craze is here to stay, probably for good!

Why The Craze

Sneakers! Not just the regular sneaker itself but what the sneaker represents in the modern fashion culture. Although purposed for sports, sneakers have transitioned to expressing individuality and personal identity writes Adrienne Howell for The Collector. With stylish and vibrant colors and the capability to influence the culture, what better way to display sneakers than with tapered sweatpants aka "jogger pants"?

Safe to say “years ago this wouldn’t be the case as jeans (which were the more likely option to wear with sneakers) would drape the sneaker, hiding and ruining one’s creativity”.

Working from home! With the recent pandemic, the increase in remote work effectively re-birthed the athleisure trend. The athleisure movement got its footing back in the 1970s essentially providing clothing for athletes and those who enjoyed working out and performing other active activities. With more and more people working from home as a byproduct of the pandemic, the apparel that correlates to this change (for example joggers and relaxed shirts) became a need and the hype is rapidly becoming the new normal per Vanessa Friedman of the NY Times.

This is all wonderful for the overall trend but where does the big & tall fit with this movement?

Impact on the Big & Tall Male

Insider published an article describing pain points that tall people six feet or taller face when shopping for clothes, which resonates even to this day. As many tall men including myself know, there is a deep frustration and fear when looking to purchase clothes to wear that fit our stature. There's either a limit in size offered OR designer brands don’t cater to tall people. In a recent survey completed by 10 men; all of who are between the height of 6'4 and 6'11 and range in weight from 210 lbs and 300 lbs; all ten concluded that finding pants that accurately fit was the number one issue they face when purchasing clothes; with the focus area being the length of the pants.

“It seems that most apparel companies focus on the masses instead of the non-ordinary in their tall jogger pants offering. Most tall joggers I see equate to 34” inseams with longer inseams rarely offered” (John from Philadelphia)

“I’m 7ft weighing 275 lbs. Why are most tall joggers focused on the tall and slim? It’s truly a challenge finding tall men's joggers for big guys like me” (Donald from Minneapolis)

Tall Jogger Pants are Available

In years past there has been an explosion of brands seeking to cater to the tall male market by offering apparel in all categories; even big & tall jogger pants catered to those above 6ft, but yet the problem remains for those who land far from the 6ft starting point of the measuring stick! Those tipping the midpoint or the opposite end of the 12 inches that define a foot are often left cold (literally) concerning the "long length" tall joggers most brands claim to provide, with ankles or the lower portion of the legs being left out to the elements.

I get it! Joggers are meant to be worn with the hem of the jogger pants resting right above or mid-ankle; still, tall joggers sold by many brands seem to fall below the lower calf. Tall men, where do we go from here? Endless searches online for “tall jogger pants”? Maybe "extra tall men's joggers" to help sweeten the pot and hope for better search results! Here at B.Love, we cater to tall guys 6'4 and up offering long length jogger-style pants in a variety of designs and fabric types; we even provide the length many tall guys seek; 34-inch inseam, 36-inch inseam, and even 38-inch inseam. In addition, we offer waist sizes for most tall guys beginning at 30 inches to 42 inches. See how we can end your tall jogger pants search dilemma.

Why We Do It?

Providing joggers for the tall; came from the frustration of finding tall jogger pants that would be considered tall! Many well known brands offer tall joggers; but many of times whats offered would be joggers for men that are between 6'0" and 6'3" with the rare occasion of joggers being offered for those between 6'4" and 6'5".

Being 6'8" lead to a drawn out search for joggers that had a long enough inseam and fit; thus without further adieu; we designed and worked with suppliers to provide joggers for too-tall men 6'4" and Up.