Our Story

We were introduced because of our height

How does a former basketball player and baseball player meet and build on a frustration both faced with apparel and shoes?

You got to go back to 2014, in a corporate office in the Washington, DC area. Be it as it may "tall people will somehow find each other". Standing at 6'8" and 6'6" we were introduced by our colleagues who previously made comments to us personally about some other guy in the 23 floor office space that's as tall as you. From that introduction we became friends and eventually business partners.

One of the many things we agreed on was the difficulty in finding clothes and shoes that catered to tall men. In our experience we would either have to purchase both at high costs or purchase with alterations soon to follow.

With business already in motion (just barely) it made sense to partner up and get the clothing line moving forward. We started off with a few tall jogger pants and tall tee's and have slowly expanded the product line throughout the years.

Our motto "dressing the extra not your ordinary male" is what drives us. It comes from the idea that men over 6'4" are not ordinary men (in terms of standard height) and should be able to dress in styles and designs that are offered for the men of normal height at reasonable costs.

The journey is still in progress and we are grateful for all the support and love everyone has shown.

-Bobby & Cassidy

Founder & CEO, VP, Friends