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Our Story


Bobby Love

CEO & Founder

B. Love came about after years and years of failed attempts to find quality clothing and nice shoes that could fit me. Standing at 6 feet 8 inches and being the fashion minded individual, I found it extremely difficult to find clothing that was being offered out there in the market for extraordinary men. By extraordinary, I mean men that aren't ordinary in height and need a little extra material when it comes to fashion!

No matter the physique; whether tall and slim or tall and heavy set, I realized; through interaction with many of my tall friends that clothing for us wasn't readily available, and if they were available, not being expensive or require some type of alterations.

Finding shoe variety was an obstacle as well, often leading to dead end results as many shoe manufacturers that retailed top quality, well-designed shoes often didn’t provide shoe sizes above 13, with the occasional few providing larger sizes. 

After much disdain over what was being provided for the tall alpha male within the fashion industry, In 2013 I decided it was time to create a line for "extraordinary men"


- Bobby Love



Cassidy McDaniel


I've always had issues with buying clothes with the right fit. I haven't been able to buy a pair of shoes in a store since I was 13 years old! So when Bobby came to me with his idea to make clothes for tall men the idea instantly made sense. Being 6'6" it's tough to find shirts with the right fit or pants with the right length. With B. Love we are hoping to cater to the tall man who wants to dress sharp and not struggle to find clothes for him. We want to dress the Extra not your ordinary man!

-Cassidy McDaniel