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5 Things Tall Guys Look for in Tall Tee’s

Tall Guys T-shirt  You have a few, they have a few, we all have t-shirts that fill up our closet space. T-shirts are probably one of the most owned products for men due to the ease of being able to wear them in essentially every setting. The options are endless; from moisture wicking tees for the gym to high-quality tees that can be worn to the office. Tees for boys and men, with options for both short and tall, the list goes on! 

For those tall guys, how difficult is it to find a tall t-shirt (or tall tee)? You know one that actually fits your stature (slim or husky), is long enough to accommodate your long torso, and is even offered in multiple color ways?

In a study consisting of 10 tall men along with 5 parents of tall boys, ranging in heights between 6’4” and 6’10” these questions were posed with their responses summarized in five categories; more on that later.

For these tall boys and men, one thing is clear; the dilemma in finding a tall t-shirt is real. The mall runs (wait do they still exist!) with no success. The millions of online search results (it’s probably how this article was discovered). The countless minutes going through one store rack after another at local retail outlets hoping to discover your size. Those big and tall stores that seem to focus on the big and not so much on the tall and sometimes vice versa (hello slim and tall guys). It would seem that it’s a lot of miss with very little hit in the tall tee search. 

With all the options out there for t-shirts, it would seem that there is a lacking in variety for big & tall t-shirts and slim & tall t-shirts, let’s review a few:  


Why is it that t-shirts seem to be sold with a person's chest measurements in mind and not the full upper stature? Universal Sizing! Per Sizolution, the father of universal sizing was established by Spanish tailor and mathematician “Juan De Alcega” in the late 1500s after the publishing of his book “Libro de Geometría, Práctica y Traça”. But, it was war that was the driving force behind the development and adaptation of universal sizing; and what was the parameter used to determine shirt size? [Chest measurements] Chest measurements ultimately formed the basis for a single set of sizes for the masses, bringing to mind the statement “each size fits all” for shirt sizes

The following is a summary of what came about:

  • Chest measurements in the 38-40 (in) range; you more likely fall into the S (small) size category in the U.S.
  • Chest measurements in the 40-42 (in) range; you more likely fall into the M (medium) size category in the U.S.
  • Chest measurements in the 42-44 (in) range; you more likely fall into the L (large) size category in the U.S.
  • Chest measurements in the 44-46 (in) range; you more likely fall into the XL (extra-large) size category in the U.S.
  • Chest measurements in the 46-48 (in) range; you more likely fall into the 2XL (extra/extra-large) size category in the U.S.
  • Chest measurements in the 48-50 (in) range; you more likely fall into the 3XL (extra/extra/extra-large) size category in the U.S.
  • The list continues…  
Wonder why another size wasn’t introduced altogether after the size large (L), instead of the continual emphasis on the word “extra”. There are shirt sizes up to 7XL [mind boggling] out there, but that topic is for another article.

The problem? Everyone is unique and designed with various body frames, from slim frames, husky frames, and large “wow” frames. 

“It’s a challenge finding tall t-shirts in a slim fit that I can wear on casual days here at the elementary institution where I principle without sacrificing the length factor OR the fit factor,” says Sah, who is 6’10”.  


How did the tall t-shirt come about? If you guessed, that it was a need for tall people; your guess would be incorrect! It’s OK, 99% of the population would have probably guessed the same. The Tall t-shirt (extended tee) came about as a direct evolution of the hip-hop movement. [Steve Rogers – history of tall tee]Many well know hip-hop artists began sporting the baggy long tee and the look took mainstream fashion by storm. 


The popularity of the extra-long t-shirt, especially the tall white tee [Galaxy] in the early 2000s along with the financial success allowed fashion companies to keep the trend alive, till this day (with some modifications of course).

All boys and men aren’t created equal, a shirt that’s long enough for Johnny at 5’9” who wears a size XL, isn’t long enough for Brad who is 6’6” and wears the same size t-shirt. Hence t-shirt lengths were designed with measurements focusing on the shorter torso versus the longer torso’s tall men come with.

On average the length of t-shirts based on size are as follows:

  • Size Large (S) is usually 26 (in) in length
  • Size Medium (M) is around 27 (in) in length
  • Size Large (L) is around 28 (in) in length
  • Size Extra Large (XL) is around 29 (in) in length
  • Size Extra Extra Large (XXL) is around 30 (in) in length
  • Size Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL) is around 31/32 (in) in length
  • The beat goes on……  
“I enjoy working out, and nothing brings me more joy [sarcastically] than doing a pull-up and my jelly belly is visible for all to see because my t-shirt is not tall enough” per Donald at 6’9” weighing close to 300 lbs.


Found it! That feeling of elation in discovering the tall t-shirt that has eluded you for so long, it’s the right size, the right fit, BUT there is a problem, it's only offered in “white”. Where is this tall t-shirt in the color black, grey, or navy? Going over the edge in color choice, where is the salmon-colored tall t-shirt? A common feeling for tall boys or men in their tall tee search experience, where colorway variety is minimal. An outcast in considering the colorways that would not be offered.
“I see these tall professional athletes that can wear designer t-shirts in any color of their choosing, but they have the funds to purchase them at $600 per,” says 6’6” high schooler Phillip who likes to dress with style but is unable to find the color options that aren’t so expensive or available.
Finding tall shirts 10 years ago was a hassle; looking for one offered in various designs and colorways was unthinkable! Most were limited to neutral colors such as white, black, grey, and maybe navy but that was the end of the road for color options. The landscape has changed dramatically since then as fashion designers and apparel companies have started to cater to the tall male, still, there is room for growth as the pattern continues: “plethora of color options for the normal height male and some [not many] for the tall male… 

Here at B.Love, we understand the hassle tall men experience in their quest in finding a quality tall tee shirt and have a solution for the tall t-shirt finding blues.    

Below are the top 5 reasons tall men [survey results] consider our Tees:

FIT (1/5)
Ample options of tall tee shirts to select from out there; one area where our tall tees stand out is the focus on the tall male stature. We focus on the tall slim male with our slim cut t-shirt selection [B.Love Slim] and regular cut selection [B.Love Regular]

“It was always a challenge finding t-shirts for my tall slim frame until I discovered B.Love. Love their slim tall t-shirt collection” (Ed – 6’5” @ 195 lbs.)  
“Their tall tees are of modern design/fit. Not baggy, not so snug, they fit evenly over my upper body and my arms look more defined in them” (Justin – 6’6’’@ 260)

SIZE (2/5)
T-shirts come in all sizes following the standard measurement chart format, beginning with small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL), and so forth. For the tall slim guys we offer slim sizes: BSS – BS2XL [BS = B.Love Slim] and for the tall husky guys, sizes: BRM – BR3XL [BR = B.Love Regular] 

“I hate ordering a tall tee only to receive one that would fit my buddy who is the same size as me but shorter” (Gary – 6’7” wears size L & slim) 
“So glad for the size chart that B.Love offers with size details for their tall tees. Many brands seem to offer a general size chart, which makes it hard to find a shirt that would fit my frame” (Georgy – 6’10” wears size XL in regular fit)

LENGTH (3/5)
The average length for t-shirts is 30-31 inches, with some brands offering 1-2 inches of additional length for the tall t-shirt. By default, we offer tall t-shirts in length measurements of 33-36 inches to accommodate tall men who are between 6’4” and 7’2” 
“At 6’9” I can appreciate a long t-shirt! This brand (B.Love) thought about us tall guys” (Benoit from Tampa) 
“I never liked t-shirts that rested around my lower back, with legs for days showing. These t-shirts rest right on my glutes” (Will from Alpharetta)

Tall boys & men shouldn’t have to deal with the limited options in t-shirt colors offered, due in part to not being seen as the norm, which equates to minimal selections. We offer a variety of colorways that suits your search, ranging from neutral colors to pastel colors 

“I purchased these colorful shoes, and needed a tall tee to match them and B.Love carried it” (Brandon – 6’4” with turquoise-colored Nike running kicks) 
“The university colors I attend are sky blue and navy. When looking for a tall tee in sky blue B.Love provided me with options” (Dave – 6’8” and alumni of URI)

COST (5/5)
Though being tall has its advantages; being spotted easily, reaching items up top with ease, cooler air, etc. The one disadvantage is the cost of extra material required to produce apparel. From long length pants to tall tee’s it’s all the same, more fabric is needed, which equates to a higher price point for anything tall. Understanding this dilemma we have made it a priority to keep our prices low compared to other brands.

“Thank you for offering premium tall tee’s for my son at a reasonable price” (Eryn – Mother of 6’8” high school athlete)

“I purchased two of your tall t-shirts for the price of one sold with another brand. Thank you!” (Max – Father of a 6’6” gamer)