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Tall Joggers & Big Feet 

B. Love

Posted on May 17 2021

Tall Joggers & Big Feet 
Purchased new joggers and not sure how to pair it with the right kicks “AKA” sneakers? As a tall male that loves wearing joggers, wearing the right kicks is essential to making the look appealing for yourself and to others. It’s already a challenge finding joggers for the tall man, but here at B.Love we have taken that hassle away for you by offering tall jogger options, check out our tall jogger selection here, but back to the matter at hand! Do’s and Don’ts of Jogger sneaker pairing!
The Do’s
No one knows why joggers for men became a huge fashion trend, but the notion can be made that many men wear joggers because it’s a cool way to show off their kicks! When it comes to the right kicks to pair with your joggers, always look for low to mid top shoes with moderately flat soles made of rubber. Usually any shoe design “color and style” will work.  Warning! Tall men, we have to be careful in the shoe design that we choose! Since our feet are so big usually sizes 14 and up, careful consideration should be made on the shoe design! Wear your tall joggers with shoes that offer a sleek design but not too bright or revealing in colour. The goal is to show off your shoes! Not appear as if you’re wearing clown shoes
The Don’ts
Straight to the point here! Don’t wear joggers with high top kicks. Tall men; you especially! It’s a fashion faux pax to wear your tall joggers with high top shoes. They overpower the look of your joggers and gives off the impression that you don’t care about your appearance. The tapered leg openings of joggers are to expose just tad bit of skin and wearing high tops takes that away. They also make your feet look even bigger and wider; shoes worn with tapered leg pants such as joggers should be fit, stylish, and clean with the leg opening of the jogger sitting right on top of them. You can expose a little more skin if you like but the emphasis remains! Wear low top to mid top shoes.   
The right kicks…..
tall black joggers with low tops  tall black joggers with low top kicks
The wrong kicks…..
 tall joggers with high top sneakers  tall joggers with high top sneakers

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