BL Tall Sweatpants

How Tall Sweatpants Changed the Athleisure Industry 

Comfortable, flexible, relaxed, all can describe the epitome of sweatpants and why they are hit amongst all age groups. Born out of the athleisure movement many fashion experts say began in the late ’70s that exploded in the 20th century; sweatpants are the new lower bottom wear fashion trend for all genders, age groups, and cultures. Today all fashion vendors seem to have taken the sip of this athleisure Kool-Aid, and the numbers don’t lie! Today it’s a $300 billion worldwide industry with no decline in sight. 

Who wears them?

Never considered as pants one would dare to wear in the public eye. Sweatpants; meant to be worn at home while in a lazy, laid-back state, have become the go-to apparel to purchase and wear in all settings. From the gym to the office; every variation of sweatpants has become acceptable. Heck everybody owns one or three, from babies to old folks, from gym rats to couch potatoes, little princesses to working moms, short and tall, but what about the real tall? 

The Problem and Solution

You know those who aren’t considered normal! Those that aren’t considered ordinary! Yes, those considered giants, neck hurters, extraordinary, and can be summarized as those that get the all to well-known question…. “How tall are you?”

 The big and tall movement showed its head back in the mid-’90s after years of agony in apparel options for tall men and women. Primarily with tall men and pants, it was the black hole of fashion, a game of truth or dare with the dare to design and manufacture apparel for tall men consistently lacking over the truth of options provided. Relegated to un-hemmed bottoms and tailors, the tall suffered! The game continues as tall men scramble to locate tall sweatpants or their other name, “tall fleece pants” in hopes that availability brings truth!

Sift around long enough and the likes of Nike and even Old Navy offer a taste for the average tall, yet the extra tall are still left with a bland after taste. “When will it end!” When will tall people find this bottom wear that evades our grasps, these tall sweatpants or tall fleece pants or whichever is the proper terminology…

Which one is it? Fleece Pants or Sweatpants

 Fleece pants and sweatpants are two different terms for this bottom wear that can be used interchangeably; but there is a caveat to be made known. Without Google making things clear for us today, in the ‘90s the term “sweatpants” pointed towards what we all now call "wind pants", a polyester mesh or nylon fabric pants made famous by Starter that is lightweight containing a shield-like feel, insulting wearers from the elements. The familiar swishy sound could be heard from miles away! The problem; being these pants would literally cause sweating internal to the pants, maybe the reason it was named “sweatpants” Today, with the advancement of fabric technology the term sweatpants equates to fleece pants, soft brushed cotton fleece more often than not containing moisture-managing technology to keep the wearer dry and quiet.

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