BL Tall Training Pants

Navy Trainer

Train Hard



Side Pockets

Leg Opening Zips

Athletic Tapered Fit

Elastic Waistband w/Drawcord


95% Moisture Wicking Polyester
5% Elastane

Designed For

Slim & Tall Guys
Big & Tall Guys
Tall Guys Engaged in Athletic Activities

Workout Apparel Struggle Is Real....

...for tall people! The challenge that arises every time is "can I find that workout pants in my size; especially in the inseam". Lets face it; most of what is discovered are workout pants with lengths that arent long enough. Lets not forget about the options provided when that athletic pants that has eluded us is found and all that is offered are the colors that isn't favored along with a ridiculous price tag.

Here at B.Love worry no more; we offer tall training pants also known as tall track pants for the tall guy! Slim & Tall? Big & Tall? We've got you covered! Waist measurements beginning at 32"(in) through 40"(in) along with Inseams 34"(in) - 38"(in). Oh! Our price tag is easy on the wallet as well.